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Coffey Confrontation At Hotel Saskatchewan

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Regina’s Prairie Dog Magazine has this article by Paul Dechene about claimed psychic Chip Coffey confronting Regina’s CFI “educators” while they were handing out information about psychics outside his show.

Chip Coffey sure doesn’t like me. He isn’t a big fan of the Centre For Inquiry Regina either. Found this out when I showed up before his show at the Hotel Saskatchewan last night to take some pics of the CFI crew. They were handing out fliers with information about the  methods psychics use in their shows, and I thought a blog post on their action might make a nice coda to our Chip Coffey coverage.

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The Dark Side Of Coffey: An Interview With Mentalist Mark Edward

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Regina’s Prairie Dog has an article by Paul Dechene. It is an interview with mentalist and magician Mark Edward about psychic and media personality Chip Coffey.

Last year, Edward was ejected from a Chip Coffey show in Los Angeles for giving out cold reading tip sheets.

He refers to Coffey as a “grief vampire.”

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Freethinkers In the Pub: Rant, Rave & Stir Up Controversy

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The Next Saskatoon Freethinkers in the Pub is:

Thursday, May 2, 2013 7:00 PM

The Woods Ale House

148 2nd Ave N, Saskatoon, SK (edit map)