CFI Regina: Skeptics In The Pub

CFI Regina is having a Skeptics in the pub:

Centre for Inquiry Regina
Friday, May 4, 2012
7:00 PM
Boston Pizza
4657 Rae Street
Regina , SK

 Hey guys! Wendy, here. It’s about time we all got together to do some sweet hangin’, skeptic style. We’ll be meeting up at the South BP’s on the restaurant side. I’ll be bringing my awesome son Darwin so you can all meet him. Come one, come all! …

One Response to “CFI Regina: Skeptics In The Pub”

  1. How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk is a great book. I also recommend Kids are Worth It by Barbara Coloroso. I rieasd my son and daughter in a atheist environment in Saskatoon. It is great to see the support that has developed there. It would have been great to have access to that. I found the key to raising kids to be able to resist religious influence was to teach them to question and to think. Both my kids took forays into christianity, both came out of it with a WTF expression on they’re faces. It was great to watch them and see the journeys they took. Raise them to think and question, the details will sort themselves out.Good luck in your adventure with the parenting groups. I wonder if there are any plans to develop a full fledged parent training program to help develop proper parenting skills from the beginning? I think this is something that is sorely needed.Seems to me that new parents fail to grasp the concept that kids are not like inflatable dolls, that you just pull a cord and they blow up into able members of society until it’s to late. We desperately need a parenting program that can teach people effective parenting skills. This is the point in which we can break the cycles of abuse that damage our societies. Leaving it all to new parents to wing it until the damage is done is only perpetuating the cycles.

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