Canadian Independent Investigations Group

A Canadian branch of the Independent Investigations Group is being formed in Alberta.

From Wikipedia:

The Independent Investigations Group (IIG) is a volunteer-based organization founded by James Underdown in January 2000 at theCenter for InquiryWest (now Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles) in Hollywood, California. The IIG investigates fringe scienceparanormal and extraordinary claims from a rational, scientific viewpoint, and disseminates factual information about such inquiries to the public.

IIG offers a $50,000 prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occultpower or event.[1] The IIG is involved in designing the test protocol, approving the conditions under which a test will take place, and in administering the actual test. All tests are designed with the participation and approval of the applicant. In most cases, the applicant is asked to perform a simple preliminary demonstration of the claimed ability, which if successful is followed by the formal test. Associates of the IIG usually conduct both tests and preliminary demonstrations at their location in Hollywood.

While the IIG conducts scientifically-based experiments, its membership is composed primarily of lay-people. Members’ collective professional experience includes the fields of architecturearcheologyeducationelectronicsengineeringfilm making, law enforcement,magicmedicinepsychology, and visual effects. The chair of IIG is James Underdown, Executive Director of the Center For Inquiry-Los Angeles.

The Alberta group is in the initial organizational stage.  For more  information on IIG Alberta please leave a comment and it will be forwarded to the organizer.


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  1. It seems as if another group has entered the billboard wars in Camping’s/Family Radio’s back yard of Oakland, CA. They are disputing Camping’s claims with a compelling message of “Jesus is already here.” Here’s the billboard photo:

    One Tree Hill

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