Kamloops Atheist Bus Campaign

The Kamloops branch of CFI has started an atheist bus campaign.  The local news station did a report.  Click through for the video.

Controversial bus ads are now rolling through Kamloops streets.

The ads — paid for by a local atheist organization –suggest there is probably no God.

Bill Ligertwood of the Kamloops Centre for Rational Thought says he knows some people may react negatively to the ads – and hopes that doesn’t affect bus drivers.

Ligertwood says he is pleasantly surprised at the lack of flack he’s heard personally which has convinced him Kamloops residents are more tolerant than he thought.

Ligertwood says the ads will lead up to a major atheist convention planned for next month.


3 Responses to “Kamloops Atheist Bus Campaign”

  1. cant say Says:

    There are drivers that refuse to drive that bus because of the banner on the side , there was recently a picture in the paper taken of that bus with the no god sign and the destination sign reading school special … keep that garbage off the busses drivers have enough to deal with they dont need people coming on and talking religion BOOOO to the banner on the bus

    • saskskeptic Says:

      Thanks for the comment. The picture in the paper (with the school special destination sign) sounds staged to stir up controversy. Even if it isn’t what is wrong with such a message being shown to school children. If children who have been raised religiously shouldn’t be exposed to non-religious messages, does that mean that non-religious children get to be free from religious messages, churches, and religiously themed Christmas and easter plays? Do you also object to “garbage” such as religious advertising on the bus?

      Finally I think you object to the-as you say “garbage”, but you are trying to make it seem like your concern is for the bus drivers rather than yourself.

    • Garbage? Are you confusing this with freedom of speech? As an Atheist, it’s refreshing to see this ad in Kamloops. I see religious adverts every where, and I regret to say, this has become the norm. The majority of people distressed over such a minor display of beliefs need to open their minds to the possibility that not every one shares the same beliefs. I’ve recently graduated from a Kamloops high school, and I assure you that these ads only enable my generation to explore their own beliefs. I refuse to be a sheep.

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