Lecture-Breadwinning Moms & Caregiving Dads: A Quiet Revolution, A Resilient Problem, and One Persistent Puzzle

The 42nd Annual Sorokin Lecture will be presented by Dr. Andrea Doucet on Thursday, March 31, 2011, at 7:30pm in Arts 241, Neatby Timlin.  Title of presentation: Breadwinning Moms & Caregiving Dads:  A Quiet Revolution, A Resilient Problem, and One Persistent Puzzle.

Over the past forty years, enormous changes have occurred in the gender division of caregiving and breadwinning across many countries, including Canada, the United States, and Britain. Women’s employment rates have soared, with breadwinning mothers constituting nearly onethird of (two parent, heterosexual) families; meanwhile, fathers’ increasing commitment to caregiving can be seen in rising rates of stay-at-home dads, single fatherhood, and men’s take-up of parental leave.  Yet, in spite of this well-documented quiet revolution in women’s and men’s responsibilities for breadwinning and care work, one resilient problem and one persistent puzzle remain at the heart of this issue. In this year’s Sorokin lecture, sociologist Andrea Doucet speaks from her twenty-year qualitative research program on gender, work and care; she addresses the problem that will not go away and the puzzle that has yet to be solved for those who live and study this unfinished gender revolution.



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