Dark Sky Campus Proposal

TD bank has a sustainability based Go Green Challenge.   Jennifer West and Heather Matheson, two University of Manitoba astronomy grad students have submitted a proposal to create a Dark Sky Campus designation and to have the university meet it, by reducing and eliminating wasteful and unnecessary lighting.  This can be done by changing lighting fixtures and simply turning off lights when not needed.  Go vote for them.

We want to make our university a dark sky campus. Save energy. Protect wildlife. Create a healthy environment. Enjoy the sky.

Western Canada has a history of creating dark sky preserves.  In Saskatchewan, both the Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park and Grasslands National Park are so designated.  Grasslands is the worlds largest dark sky preserve.  In Alberta, the Beaver Hills dark sky reserve encompasses Elk Island National Park and the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area.

More information.

RASC Winnipeg Centre members and University of Manitoba astronomy graduate students, Jennifer West and Heather Matheson, have created a video entry for the TD “Go Green” challenge, which is looking for ideas to make university campuses more sustainable. The video proposes creating a “Dark Sky Campus” designation for University Campuses analogous to RASC’s “Dark Sky Preserve” designations (see http://www.rasc.ca/lpa/darksky.shtml ). The two RASC astronomers could win $20,000 plus $100,000 for the university to spend on green initiatives like well-designed and efficient lighting for the campus.


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