CFI Saskatoon Meetup-Should Atheists debate Apologists?

The next CFI Saskatoon meetup is Sunday Feb. 27 at 11:30.
Venice House
906 Central Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7N 2G8

Having just debated an apologist for the fourth time, I have had qualms each time about whether I was doing more good or more harm — was I actually just helping to promote evangelical Christianity, or was there a gain for disbelief (possible or actual) as well?Richard Dawkins has famously refused to debate William Lane Craig, though he does have criteria for who he will debate.  However … this just in … apparently Dawkins and Craig have ended up in debate, though only as part of teams.  Don’t let the Spanish announcer throw you, the debaters speak in English.

This meet-up I would like to open this question up for discussion, using the Open Space technique, and hear what people think about this question.




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