New Saskatoon Meetup-Reasonable Women

There is a new meetup group in Saskatoon for atheist/agnostic/skeptic/freethinking women.

Why a group for atheist/agnostic/skeptic/freethinking women?

After reading this BlagHag post about the troubles some women faced at a recent American Atheist conference, we got the idea of forming this group.  Don’t get us wrong — the local atheist groups in Saskatoon are not sexist in their treatment of women members, but we thought it may be fun for the women of these groups to have a place of our own.  And, maybe, having this kind of group available could encourage other female-minded folks to join the movement!

Are you anti-men?  Why aren’t you allowing men to join this Meetup?

Well, this group’s purpose is meant to engage one particular subset of the larger atheist/freethinking movement: the women.  We welcome the men to start their own “Reasonable Men” Meetup!

So much of the current “new atheist” movement is dominated by its male voices — this little group is meant to counteract some of that testosterone by inserting estrogen into the mix!

We don’t need a “Reasonable Men” meetup.  Men are always reasonable. And where would we meet.  There aren’t any strip clubs in Saskatoon.


2 Responses to “New Saskatoon Meetup-Reasonable Women”

  1. Men are always reasonable, and humble to boot. 😛

  2. saskskeptic Says:

    No I am certain that boots are more of a woman thing. Unless you are a cowboy.

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