Marketplace Homeopathy Episode Tonight

Tonight’s (Friday Jan. 14) CBC’s Marketplace episode titled “Cure or Con?” is on Homeopathy. Check it out at 8:00.

Cure or Con?

Erica Johnson investigates one of the country’s fastest growing alternative health treatments: homeopathy. Ontario homeopaths are about to become the first province in Canada to regulate homeopathy — lending credibility to this unproven practice.

Canada’s leading consumer ally takes a long hard look at the theories, and the remedies. For the first time in Canada, we conduct a test of homeopathic medicines, investigating the science behind these so-called medicines. In light of our results, we ask both the Ontario government and Health Canada why they are lending credibility to the homeopathic industry. Johnson also meets up with a rep from the world’s leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines, who admits that even the company says how homeopathty works is a mystery.

Watch, as we witness a Vancouver group of skeptics taking part in a group overdose of homeopathic remedies. Perhaps most disturbing we learn that some homeopaths are treating cancer patients with homeopathic remedies. A leading cancer specialist says there is no role for homeopathy in the treatment of cancer, that it is a “scam that is not evidence-based.”


2 Responses to “Marketplace Homeopathy Episode Tonight”

  1. whose watching the watchers? Says:

    Please get with the times. Everyone I know who has excellent health seeks out alternative health care practitioners. Coincidence? And you think the CBC is going to tell you the truth? LOL

    • saskskeptic Says:

      Homoeopathic preparations are indistinguishable from magic potions. They often involve animal parts (or worse) and are ritually prepared.

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