Lecture Series-Christian Faith from Reason, Science and Morality

Ken Wiebe is giving a lecture series at the Circle Drive Alliance Church.  The target audience is young adults but others may find it interesting.

I would like to invite you to attend a lecture series that I will be giving to the university students group at Circle Drive church.  It is a three part series that is designed to give evidence for Christian faith from reason, science and morality.

The titles and dates are as follows:

#1. What we can know from knowledge (if you haven’t heard me talk about this i guaranttee you will be surprised) Jan. 9, 8 pm at circle drive church
#2. I am a skeptic (reasons from science why i doubt macro evolution) Jan 16, 8 pm
#3. World view review (a comparison of competing worldview truth claims) Feb 6, 8 pm


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