It’s Gopher Season

You know how it is.  This time of year we attend a Christmas party and before the meal we are asked to bow our heads for grace.  True, today many of these graces are delightfully devoid of pleas to higher powers.  Still, this is really not my thing.

I am grateful for many things in my life and it is empowering to reflect on these things.  It is just unnecessary to do this in the form of a prayer.  I am capable of such reflections with my eyes open at a time and place of my own choosing.

These parties are a time of fellowship.  A time for renewing and forming new acquaintances.  Rather than feeling ostracised, this is an opportunity. Pop up your head and glance around.  It is a time to exchange knowing glances and future conversations with your fellow heathens. If you have never done this you might be surprised by how many other people are likewise glancing around.

Remember tis head-popin gopher season. Rejoice in your kindred mammals. Establish and deepen acquaintances.  Tis truly something to be grateful for.


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