CFI Regina Meetup-Godless During the Holidays

The Regina freethinkers group (now CFI Regina) has set its next meeting.

As a reminder, our next meet-up is set to take place at 7:00 PM on Thursday, December 16 at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.  I look forward to seeing you and your friends there.

The following information regarding the event has been posted to our nacent Facebook and Meet-Up pages.  Please join these groups and invite other to join if you think they would be interested.

This will be the second meeting of our group. We hope to further gauge interest, as well get to know one another.

As a topic, I hope to discuss some of the challenges of the holidays, no matter the extent that we participate. We can share strategies for dealing with this time of year and the common assumption that everyone in Regina is a Christian.

If you’re interested, check out any Point of Inquiry podcast (free on iTunes) recorded just before Christmas any year – especially the ones with Tom Flynn describing his “War on Christmas.”

In related, exciting news, you’ll notice our name as “CFI Regina” at both locations.  Despite being a young and unproven group, representatives from CFI Saskatoon and CFI Canada have placed trust in our potential and kindly volunteered their experience and resources in helping us get off the ground.  I’m thankful for the assistance they’ve already provided, and I look forward to fruitful relationships with them in the future.




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