Hide Your Wallets Deepak Is Coming To Town

Deepak Chopera is coming to Saskatoon.  This your chance to hear him talk authoritatively about things he thinks he understands but clearly does not (quantum mechanics) and things he thinks he understands but is extremely unlikely to in actuality (such as death).  It is your chance to buy some of his many books, and tickets to other expensive programs.

Deepak is a master of using sciencey words to make his wild speculations seem “scientific” but it quickly becomes clear, even to those of us with a minimal understanding of modern physics, that he does not understand what he is talking about. He is simply wildly extrapolating from simple physical principles to grandiose speculations.

In the end he is just a very tedious writer of science fiction.


VIP Reception:
1:00pm until 2:00pm in Gallery A at TCU Place.
Limited availability, featuring hors d’oeuvres, music by a local artist, a chance to meet Deepak, and a chance to mingle with other leaders from the health and wellness community.  VIP tickets include best in house seating.  Please present your VIP ticket at the door.

The Main Event:
Dr. Chopra’s seminar begins at 2:30 pm.
The onsite bookstore will be open at 1:30pm.  Arrive early for a chance to browse Deepak’s latest titles.

Book Signing:
A book signing will follow the event.

Ticket prices
(including taxes but not venue fees)
VIP                       $149
Best in House         $79
Gold Seating          $59
Student, Senior, and Group Rates available, visit www.tcutickets.ca for details.

From http://ideasfestival.ca/3/miscellaneous8.htm



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