Regina Freethinker Group

The Regina Freethinker/Skeptic/Atheist/Whatevertheycallit Group meet for the first time Nov. 11.  They reported the following from the meeting:

So, in case you weren’t there, we have good news to share:

  • Eighteen people showed up to our initial meeting; each one has been invited to this group
  • We’ve decided to meet monthly, though a location remains to be determined
    • Possible venues include the Unitarian Hall, Abstractions Cafe, and the Saskatchewan Science Centre
    • Next meeting is 16 December (we’re going to see how the third Thursday of each month works)
  • Activities suggested include films, lectures, and literature discussion

They have an email list and are working on a meetup site.  If you would like to be added to the email list.  Either respond to the is post, or apply for membership to the google group.

The location of the next meeting is not finalized, but it is likely going to be at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.


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