Lecture: The New Age Movement & Science: A Love-Hate Relationship

WhatThe New Age Movement & Science: A Love-Hate Relationship

When: Friday, November 5, 2010 6:00 PM

Where: Rusty Macdonald Branch Library – Auditorium
225 Primrose Drive

Presentation by Justin Trottier of Centre for Inquiry (CFI) Canada followed by discussion. Trottier will explore the uses and abuses of science within the New Age movement, ranging from psychics and mediums to crystal healers and other alternative gurus.

An overview of CFI will also be presented.

Free, Everyone is welcome

Donations to the Centre for Inquiry are appreciated and we encourage everyone to become a Friend of the Centre (or renew your previous membership). Charitable donations can be made directly to the Centre for Inquiry to receive a tax receipt. Please make a note that your donation should be directed to the costs of Justin’s trip to Sasaktoon.

Justin Trottier is the Executive Director of the Centre for Inquiry Canada, host of Think Again TV! as well as a contributor to the National Post and the Michael Coren Show on CTS TV. As an outspoken advocate of freedom of expression and inquiry, science education, church-state separation, and equality rights for non-believers, he’s appeared on TVO, CBC, CTV, Global, CityTV, OMNI and the Space Channel, among other networks. He was the chief spokesperson for the Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign.

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