The New Phone Books Are Here

The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!  Who cares!

Well generally I do not.  I rarely use them any more.  Neither do many other people. At work we had stacks of last years books, still in mint condition, ready to send to recycling.  If I need a phone number, I just Google it. For people I use  From my point of view phone books are almost obsolete.

Then I got a reminder that Google and the internet are not always good at quickly answering more complicated questions.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was cleaning out my vehicle.  Under a seat I spied a SGI driver license renewal reminder.  A reminder that I had forgotten about, because-well it was out of sight.

Oh, Oh!  So where can I get my license renewed within walking distance on a Sunday afternoon.  This turns out to be a question that Google and the internet are not so good at. Yes you can search for “Saskatoon Insurance” or “Saskatoon Insurance Sunday”, but that does not solve the walking problem.  You can try the same search in Google maps and click on various red dots, then follow the links to the insurance companies website if they have one.  As it turns out, the hours of business is not one of things that many companies think to put on their websites.

The much simpler solution is just flip through a few yellow pages.  If the company is open Sunday it is listed in the ad, so is the address.  Sometimes the old technology wins.


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