Saskatoon Freethinkers Meetup

The next Saskatoon Freethinker’s meetup is Sunday Aug. 22.

906 Central Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7N 2G8

Civil Rights in Public Education

As you know, Canada has a separate school system run in the name of the Catholic religion. At this meet-up, we will be examining questions concerning religious-based education and public funding for religion.

Mainly, we will be taking a look at part of a CFI Ontario Panel Discussion on the subject. Here is the video on CFI’s You-tube channel (for those who just can’t wait!).

Cafe Inquiry Public Funding of Religious Groups

Another video with Justin Trottier on this issue:

Justin Trottier-end public funds to religious schools

Here also is an article on the subject from the Canadian Encyclopedia:

Separate Schools — The Canadian Encyclopedia

And several websites mainly focused on the Ontario dispute over separate schools from a few years ago, but with resources worth checking out:

One School System Network

Education Equality in Ontario


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