Science On Stage

The CLS is sponsoring Science On Stage, a science fair for science teachers August 8-13.

Science is constantly evolving. While basic scientific principles remain the same, the ways in which they can be taught and how they can be applied to the modern world need changing.

Science on Stage Canada has been developed to meet these needs by helping science teachers learn new and exiting ways of teaching modern science. SoSC helps ensure the teaching methods of science and technology remains interesting for students across the country.

Science on Stage Canada (SoSC) is dedicated to enhancing science and technology learning in education. During the week-long Science Teachers Festival held every year selected educators from across the country are invited to share their innovative teaching ideas. These unique teaching methods are later shared with educators from across the country to help make science teaching fun and exciting. The overall aims of SoSC is to:

• Provide a forum for educators to exchange new and exciting science and technology teaching ideas

• Inspire and re-enthuse science and technology educators

• Provide educators across the country with access to quality science and technology teaching resources and ideas

• Inform educators about new science research

• Raise the profile of science teaching and technology teachings throughout the country and discuss important issues

• Provide an opportunity for collaboration between science teachers, professors and science researchers

• Act as the bridge between cutting-edge research and Canada’s youth, scientist and consumers of science tomorrow


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