Skeptics In The Pub

Wednesday June 23

Any time between 7:30 to 11:30

Hose Brew Pub
612 11th St E
Saskatoon, SK S7N0G3
(306) 477-3473


British General Chiropractic Council admits there is no evidence for chiropractic subluxations and makes it policy not to make health claims regarding them.

The chiropractic vertebral subluxation complex is an historical concept but it remains a theoretical model. It is not supported by any clinical research evidence that would allow claims to be made that it is the cause of disease or health concerns.

Should Saskatchewan/Canada have a euthanasia law? If so in what form?

Possible Events

  • Regina Road Trip – Science Center, Bodies Exhibit, Natural History Museum
  • Superstition Party – August 13

Any Issue People wish to bring up.


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