Secular Parenting-A Day with the Dinos

The secular parenting group will be holding a Day with the Dinos:

Start Time: Saturday, June 5 at 2:00pm
End Time: Saturday, June 5 at 4:00pm
Where: U of S Geology building

Who’s up for some prehistoric summertime fun? Let’s meet at the U of S Geology building, and explore the Museum of Natural Sciences together []. We’ll meet down by the T-Rex at 2:00, and we’ll explore the dinosaurs, plants, fish, and other museum items together. Afterwards (weather-permitting), we’ll head out to the bowl for snacks and some games.
If anyone wants to come up with something dinosaur-related (games, quick lesson, etc.), feel free to bring it along with you.

For inspiration, check out the music video to the They Might Be Giant’s song, “I Am a Paleontologist” []

For more information, check out our Meetup page for Saskatoon Secular Parenting [].


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