Saskatoon Freethinkers Meetup: Contra-dictions Understanding Confusing Holy Texts

The Saskatoon Freethinkers are holding their next meetup Sunday May 16 at 11:30 at Venice House 906 Central Avenue, Saskatoon

It is no surprise to an atheist, or even some believers of religious doctrine that the texts on which religions base their authority are full of contradictions and confusing accounts that may lead even the most avid reader astray.

What may be even more difficult to reconcile for those same readers is the claim that these texts, fraught with inconsistency and hypocrisy, are divinely inspired – yet many maintain this view. For the Bible and the Qur’an, even the simplest introduction to these two holy books suggests that the sources of these discrepancies are the result of human error in the translation, compilation, publishing and politics that contributed to the creation of these books.

We will briefly discuss how these two books were assembled (or claimed to be assembled) and learn one simple method to argue the inconsistencies of religious texts. To whet your appetite, have a look at this website that describes some of the internal differences between the four major gospels of the Bible on the topic of Jesus’ resurrection.

Also, just for fun, have a look at one believer’s opposition to editorial decisions made by the creators of the New King James Bible.

Note: This meetup will be led by Jonathan Sherman


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