Toronto Transit Rejects “Does God care if I’m gay?” Ad has this story on a religious advertisement being rejected because of the content of the website to which it points.

Toronto Transit Commission objections have led to the removal of a church group’s transit ad campaign asking the question “Does God care if I’m gay?” even though the marketing student who proposed the ad is himself homosexual and in favour of free speech.

Bus Stop Bible Studies began the campaign two weeks ago, featuring a series of 24 questions for God on TTC vehicles, which are answered online at based on interpretations of biblical passages.

David Harrison, president of Bus Stop Bible Studies, said he knew the ads would garner attention, but insists they try “not to be judgmental or use words of condemnation or anything like that.”

“The TTC has an obligation under the Ontario Human Rights Code not to refuse religious advertising,” Commission spokesperson Brad Ross said. But, “the website content that this ad pointed to was not appropriate.”



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