What’s the Harm?: Homeopathy

Continuing with our Homeopathy Awareness Week celebrations, it is time focus on the harm of homeopathy. Anything to keep Dr. Nancy Malik‘s spam bot busy!

What’s the Harm?

Homeopathy is just water, so it does not cause any direct harm. The harm in homeopathy is when patients use it instead of a proper, effective therapy. We have already heard about homeopaths trying to treat malaria, AIDS, and H1N1 with their insubstantial medicines. These treatments do nothing to slow or halt the progress of the disease which is allowed to ravage the victim.

Here is one victim of homeopathy: Gloria Thomas, only nine months old at the time of her death. Her death was caused by untreated eczema. Eczema is a skin condition characterized by redness, swelling, dryness, itching, cracking, oozing and other unpleasantness. It is not what one would characteristic as a fatal disease. Gloria’s father Thomas Sam, a homeopath, had flown Gloria overseas for homeopathic treatment by an uncle. Gloria was in such distress from her condition that her cries alarmed several passengers. When she was finally admitted to a hospital, her broken skin had allowed bacteria into her bloodstream; she died of sepsis. It is astounding that in this modern age, a little girl can die from the lack of an antibiotic.

Russel Jenkins treated a wound on his foot with honey, based on the advice of a homeopath. His foot soon turned black with gangrene. Being a strict believer in homeopathy and other unscientific modalities, he refused conventional treatment until his death. The doctor stated that if Jenkins had sought help just two hours before his death, his life could have been saved.

Lucille Craven was diagnosed with breast cancer, and surgery and chemotherapy was recommended. Instead, she sought out a naturopath who prescribed a series of dubious therapies, including homeopathy. She purchased homeopathic remedies, one after another, and all the while her cancer raged out of control. When she finally sought out an oncologist, he found that her cancer was untreatable. Lucille died four months later from a cancer that would have been treatable in its early stages.

What’s the harm of homeopathy? This is the harm.


What’s The Harm


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