What questions would you ask a psychic?

Psychics are supposed to be able to tap in to the wisdom of the universe. If you could really get any question answered about life, the universe, and everything, would you really want to know about a career change? I think we can do better. Here are some questions I would ask:

Why hasn’t a psychic solved a single missing person or homicide case?

What is the exact location, date, and time of the next terrorist attack on a public transport system?

What is the co-ordinates of the nearest earth size planet and how many light years away is it?

How do we reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity? What form will the new theory take?

Will the Large Hadron Collider find the Higgs Boson?

Could you describe the mechanism that would stop cancer cells from dividing.

When will the next large asteroid or comet hit the earth, and where is this object now?

What are the winning numbers of the next Lotto 6/49 draw? Who needs career advice when you could win the lottery.

Where are the lost Doctor Who episodes and how can we get them back?

I’m sure world famous psychic Sylvia Browne is up to the challenge. Instead of telling us about our long lost grand aunt whose name begins with K … Kayla … Katlin; how about some useful information. Come on psychics show us your stuff.

Got some questions to ask Sylvia? Let us know in the comments.


9 Responses to “What questions would you ask a psychic?”

  1. kehander Says:

    A lot of of these are much too easily dodged. For instance, I doubt there are many people in the general public. let alone psychics, who would be able to tell you anything about locations in spatial coordinates of extrasolar bodies.

    I like the idea, though. Right now I’m kind of drawing a blank.

  2. koinosuke Says:

    I had put these questions together under the assumption that psychic really can see the future, read mind and communicate over light-years. Someone with such an ability would have some amazing insights for us. For someone who can see the future next weeks lottery numbers should not be too much trouble.

  3. saskskeptic Says:

    Please identify the individuals in the audience who

    could be charged for spousal abuse.
    could be charged for child abuse.
    have an undiagnosed illness that will be fatal if not treated.

    What are the next three dates when if will snow in Saskatoon

    What are the names of the next three people to die in Saskatoon.

    What are the names of the first three children to be born in Saskatoon starting June 1 at 12:00am.

  4. kehander Says:

    I got it!

    How many people in this audience will be ejected or otherwise asked to leave the premises?

  5. Not like im a psychic or anything. Nor am i sure i believe in them. But personally i dont think psychics could possibly know absolutely everything about the universe. its just not realistic. Although i do think that based off a person or energy they could give you some kind of truth to questions based on your reactions. like how you ask the question, how you move when you ask it, or even the tone of your voice. Psychics dont know everything. But they do study alot of techniques to help them figure things out. They might not be real, but it gives people hope. Which is better than nothing.

  6. i believe what your asking above is why most people think psychics are completely fake. They couldnt possibly know about natural disasters or terrorists attacks. Those kind of things are unpredictable. Psychics cant know what random people are gonna do. And they cant give lotto numbers, that would be bad karma for them. it’d be like insider information and i believe thats illegal. but idk. i just dont understand why people are so eager to doubt others abilities. Maybe you should go to a really really good one and see first hand. But im pretty sure if you ask questions like you did above. they’re not gonna be very helpful. they’ll probably be offended and wont give you anything useful.

  7. koinosuke Says:

    Hi Iyla

    I have seen psychics in action. Many claim to be able to see the future, an amazing ability if true. If psychic could see the future why can they never come up with any predictions that are interesting or useful? Why are the only answers they have vague and can apply to anyone? What psychic can do is identical to what mentalists and magicians can do except the magicians are better at it. All that is very suspicious to me. I disagree with you that psychic give people hope. Psychics can do a lot of harm. See the previous post for details and this site: http://stopsylvia.com/home/

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