Saskatoon Zoo Run

Every year the Saskatoon Zoo Society has their spring zoo run.  This is a fun fundraiser, where you get to walk/run through the zoo.

Sunday, April 18 at 9 AM – Zoo Run. 5 Km Fun Run or 2.5 Km Walk. This is a fund raiser
for the Saskatoon Zoo Society educational programming. You get to run or walk past the
animals who might run along their enclosures with you. The cinnamon buns at the end are
great! Entry forms now available at Brainsport.
The zoo societies website currently only seems to have last year’s form.  I am sure you could use it.

2 Responses to “Saskatoon Zoo Run”

  1. I am interested in the 2011 event. when and where will it be held?

    • saskskeptic Says:


      Sunday, April 17 at 9:00 a.m.
      Celebrate Earth Day with a run around the zoo.

      Our annual Zoo Run is a 5 km fun run or 2.5 km walk around the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo.
      Funds raised support our education programs such as our Zoo Club. The Zoo Club works with Saskatoon area schools to provide assistance with their lunch-hour ecology programs.

      Entry forms are now available at Brainsport (704 Broadway Aveneu) and on-line. Click here for an entry form and more information. (Please save paper and only print page 3 of the on-line entry form).
      Visa and Mastercard accepted.

      Entry fee: $25.00 / person or $75.00 / family
      Entry Deadline: April 8. Late entry fee (after April 8) add $10.00.

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