The Amazing Meeting 8

The Jame Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) has recently announced The Amazing Meeting’s (TAM) speakers for this year’s meeting.

I went to TAM last year and to be honest I was a bit disappointed.  Perhaps it was a transition year. Phil Plait (the Bad Astronomer) had recently taken over as president of the JREF and Randi had recently been diagnosed with a “serious” illness.  The event ran smoothly but seemed to lack energy.

For me, there was far too much emphasis on celebrity and magic and not enough on science and skepticism. Many of the talks were scheduled to be too short for the topic.  I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed.  Perhapse they listened to feedback and have a fantastic lineup this year.

Scheduled to appear:

The God Delusion’s Richard Dawkins (Keynote event)
JREF Founder James Randi
Bad Astronomer Phil Plait
Doubt’s Jennifer Michael Hecht
Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show Head Writer David Javerbaum
Skeptic Society’s Michael Shermer
Center for Inquiry Founder Paul Kurtz
Bullshit!’s Penn & Teller
Mythbuster Adam Savage
Skeptical Inquirer Editor Ken Frazier
Social Scientist and Author Carol Tavris
JREF President D.J. Grothe
Trick or Treatment’s Simon Singh
Renowned Geologist Donald Prothero
Mathematical Gamester Martin Gardner (by Video)
Paranormal Investigator Joe Nickell
Master Magician and “Honest Liar” Jamy Ian Swiss
Mentalist and Alpha Kid Banachek
Evolutionary Scientist and Skeptic Massimo Pigliucci
Steve, Jay, Bob, Rebecca and Evan: The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
Secular Coaltion of America’s Sean Faircloth
UFO Expert James McGaha
Skeptic’s Toolbox host and CSI Fellow Ray Hyman
Point of Inquiry’s Karen Stollznow
Skepticzone’s Own Richard Saunders
Grassroots Skeptics Founder KO Myers
Masala Skeptic Maria Walters
Granite State Skeptics Co-Founder and President Travis Roy
Boston Skeptics’ Maggie McFee
CFI’s Campus Organizer Debbie Goddard
JREF Communications and Outreach Coordinator Jeff Wagg
JREF Program Assistant and Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Founder Alison Smith
Juggler and Bullshit! Producer Michael Goudeau
Wonder-Worker Michael Weber
Skeptical Songster Roy Zimmerman
Perennial TAM Master of Ceremonies Hal Bidlack
CSI Director Barry Karr
Brain Science Podcasts’ Ginger Campbell
Fab Four Live’s John Lennon Steve Craig
Comedian and Magician Mac King
Junior Skeptic’s Daniel Loxton
Penn & Teller’s Pianist Mike “Jonesy” Jones


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