FYB: Lecture-Greenwashing and Corporate Moral Motivation

There is a lecture today Friday, Feb. 26 at 3:30 by:
Chris MacDonald
(St. Mary’s University, Halifax)
Greenwashing and Corporate Moral Motivation
3:30 PM
Goodspeed Theatre (Room 18), Edwards School of Business

This is sponsored by the Department of Philosophy.

More about the topic:

TITLE OF PROJECT: “Greenwashing” and Corporate Moral Motivation

AUTHOR: Dr. Chris MacDonald Saint Mary’s University
ABSTRACT: This project seeks to examine the moral category of “greenwashing”, and to enquire into normative issues related to the motives that corporations have for highlighting their environmental accomplishments. “Greenwashing” is the term applied to what is perceived to be dishonest representation of corporate environmental records. Corporate communications are typically labeled “greenwashing” when observers are skeptical about what is motivating either a) the environmental project or policy being publicized, or b) the corporation’s decision to publicize it. The current project seeks to apply the tools of Rational Choice Theory to illuminate the motivational structures behind a) corporate communications about environmental practices, and b) consumer and activist responses to such communications.


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