Don’t Feed “Feed the Children”

CBS News recently did a report on the American Christian charity Feed the Children.  If only a few of the allegations are true they are very disturbing.

They include:

In a lawsuit, Larry Jones accuses the Board of serious financial neglect, claims his daughter misused charity funds including living in a $1.2 million dollar Los Angeles home on the charity’s dime, and that she engaged in illegal schemes to cover up unpaid taxes.

Larri Sue denies any wrongdoing. The board claims it’s her father who got caught taking bribes and kickbacks, awarded himself and his wife unauthorized pay raises and went so far as to bug the executive offices.

“Only 21-23 percent of your cash donations that people give actually go to program services,” Attkisson said.

“Fifty-four percent of cash is spent on TV, radio ads and direct mail,” Attkisson said.

Regarding efforts in Haiti, which is prominent on Feed the Children’s website:

Which brings us to Haiti. In online e-mail messages and on its Web site, “Feed the Children”, the chairty claimed it set up a base and was running a huge camp “providing medical relief for 12,000 people.”

CBS News decided to send a camera to the camp in Carrefour, west of Port-au-Prince, to see for ourselves.


We found the camp was set up by local monks and nuns, not “Feed the Children.”

Rachel Zelon, the “Feed the Children” worker we first saw at the camp in Carrefour, later contacted us to explain why the charity wasn’t feeding anyone there. She told us not one donation from “Feed the Children” ever reached her in Haiti.

It should be noted that the Canadian Feed The Children charity is not affiliated with the US charity. From the Canadian Feed the Children FAQ

What’s in a name? Our organizational name is similar to that of other charities, which sometimes causes confusion. We are an independent Canadian organization, overseen by a dedicated board of directors and are not affiliated with Feed The Children Inc., headquartered in Oklahoma USA, or its Canadian affiliate, FTC Canada, which recently began operations out of Guelph, ON.


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