Feed Your Brain: Spectrum 2010

Cameco Spectrum 2010 is fast approaching and we are hard at work! We have over 40 displays from all areas of science and technology.

The hours for Cameco Spectrum 2010 are:

Thursday 9 – 6

Friday 9 – 9

Saturday 9 – 6

Sunday 9 – 6

We are also very happy to be hosting a very unique presentation! Jay Ingram from Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel will be presenting his crtically acclaimed talk “Darwin Exposed: The Sexy Side of Science, How Human Mating Benhavior can be Explained by Evolution.” This event will be held at Prairieland Park on Saturday January 16. Cocktails are at 7PM and the presentation begins at 8PM. Tickets are $15 for the public and only $10 for students. This includes your admission to Specturm! For tickets to this event please email tickets@spectrum.usask.ca

We look forward to hosting North America’s largest student run exhibition of science and technology between the 14 and 17 of January and hope to see you there!


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