Feed Your Brain: Sleaford Observatory Open House

I went to the Sleaford Observatory open house last night.  It was quite a bit of fun, even with the clouds.  There were discussions of telescopes, the school house ordered from an Eaton’s catalog and meteorite hunting.

They had over 20 visitors on a fully overcast night.

There is a second open house tonight (Saturday, Oct. 24) .  Unfortunately the weather is unlikely to be much better.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and The University of Saskatchewan Physics and Engineering Physics Department
Invite you to an Open House at the Sleaford Astronomical Observatory 65 km east of Saskatoon
Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24, 2009
See our moon, the moons of Jupiter, spectacular star clusters and the bright Milky Way free from light pollution though our telescopes!
Bring your car and join a convoy departing from the east end of the Field House parking lot at 7:00 pm
Dress Warmly (winter gear recommended)
For further information call: 249-1990

If you want to drive, the map is here or enter the lat/long (105o 57’ W (-105o 57’), Longitude: 52o 06’ N) into your GPS.


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