Café Apostate

Starting Nov. 1, there is a new group for recovering religionists in Saskatoon.  See below for details:

Are you a recovering religionist?  A former fundy?  Or just someone who grew up deeply involved in the faith, and now has gone all heretic?  If so, then you should come out and join us for coffee and religiously-based rants at Café Apostate.  It’s a low-key way to interact with other freethinkers who have “left the flock,” and share stories and maybe even brainstorm some strategies of how to deal with religious friends and family members who don’t understand your godlessness.

We’ll start by meeting at the Broadway Roastery (on Broadway) on Sunday, November 1st (ironically, All Saints Day!!) at 7pm.  If you think you’d be interested in joining our heathenish congregation, send me an email, and we’ll save you a spot.  If it looks like we’ll have more than a few come out, I’ll send around an email to update the location.

Hope to see y’all there!

Rebekah, the former Bible college student, the infamously popular “flirt to convert” youth group star, now raging “avowed atheist.”

See the Saskatoon Skeptic Google calendar for this and other events.


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