Regina Atheist or Skeptic Group

[Update: a group formed is now CFI Regina, join their meetup]

As far as I know there are no atheist, skeptic or freethinker groups in Regina.

I also know from one or two contacts and the internal blog stats that people are looking for such a group.  WordPress lists the search terms people used to get to this blog.  Terms like “atheist regina saskatchewan” are a pretty good indication of intent.

If anyone in Regina wants to start a group, or is interested in joining such a group, post a comment.   Any post will send me your email address.  When I get a few I can put you in contact with each other.

Some of the members of the Saskatoon groups may be able to suggest friends or relatives in Regina and Moose Jaw who would be interested in joining.

It is really easy to get a group started.  Someone just has to do it.


27 Responses to “Regina Atheist or Skeptic Group”

  1. Zak Stinson Says:

    I would be so happy if we had an atheist’s society in Regina. I am constantly feeling misunderstood and alienated among the people I am typically around and anytime I even get philosophical people get mad at me. A society of like-minded individual so devoted to rationalism and science would make me the happiest I’ve been in a long while. I am at the UofR so if there are many others there we could easily start a student society.

  2. Dane Klemm Says:

    If we could get a group like this going i would definitely go. I have a few atheist friends that might be interested in coming as well… I’m sick of expressing my beliefs on the internet.

  3. Hi guys,

    I am a very unique case. I was born a muslim but over the last 10 years have been an agnostic/athiest. I moved to Regina a few months ago and have not been able to find any athiest/freethinkers groups.

    I would love to join such a group.
    Let me know if anything comes up


    • Bob Jones Says:


      If you are interseted in forminfg a freethinkers group please contact me via e-mail. Maybe we could arrange a one on one at the Owl or the food court.

    • Bob Jones Says:


      If you are interested in starting a group please contact me and perhaps we could exchange ideas.

  4. I’d love for there to be a group in Regina–I joined the Saskatoon group hoping to make it up there for events every once in a while, but still haven’t had a chance. If we got one in Regina I’d definitely be there.


  5. Chris,

    Are you a student at UofR? Whats the Saskatoon group like. Are there are alot of people in the group?
    A few of us can probably just hang out for drinks.
    Let me know if you are up for it.


    • saskskeptic Says:

      The Saskatoon group is full of immoral nihilistic narcissistic hedonists. 🙂

      There are actually two (three if you count the campus group) Saskatoon groups with a large amount of overlap:

    • Saskatoon Skeptics runs this blog, meets about once a month.
    • Saskatoon Freethinkers has an active meetup page
    • The Saskatoon freethinkers also have related campus group.
    • All the groups have Facebook groups. There is not a lot of activity on the Facebook groups but they are good for getting notified about events. There is also the Saskatoon Skeptics Google calendar, which lists events from both groups and science events. If there are events in Regina let me know and I will add them.

      Anyone in Saskatchewan is welcome to join the freethinkers meetup page. If you want to be on the Saskatoon Skeptics email list let me know and I will add you.

  • Dane Klemm Says:

    Im not a student of the Uo’R but i live on kramer blvd.

  • Hi Chris and Dane,

    I am not a student of UofR either.
    You can drop me a line on and we can just go ahead and setup a date and time to meetup for a beer.


  • Freethinkers unite! To reiterate a point made earlier, I’m tired of being on-line all the time. It’d be nice to “meet” in reality instead of on the net. I’d join up.

  • Dean,

    By all means. You have my email address. We can plan for a meetup anytime. I am waiting for Dane and Chris to respond.

  • Hey all,

    Did anything get started on a Regina atheist, skeptic or freethinker group?

    If so, I would be interested in joining

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  • Stafford king Says:

    Look for any groups that have started in the regina area or even a contact list of people. To many believers in this part of the contry.

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