Creationists Lie Again

The Voyage That Shook the World is an upcoming documentary on Charles Darwin, centering around the voyage of the HMS Beagle. In other words, it looks to be a worthwhile movie. I might even drag myself out to see it. Except it is a sham; the brainchild behind the movie is Creation Ministries International (CMI). It may seem unfair to judge the movie by its backers, but in this case, it is justified.

CMI is not interested in presenting a fair and balanced or even an accurate documentary. In true accordance with the deceptive techniques employed by the producers of Expelled, they lied to the historians they interviewed. CMI tried to justify their lies in terms of artistic merit, they said they wanted straight answers from the historians they were interviewing. Had they told the truth they would have received straight answers; the truth does not change according to the listener. However, some historians would still have refused to be a part of the film.

CMI believes it is their creationist views that are the issue. This is hardly true. A quick glance at their website reveals that they are not interested in the truth. A site dedicated to linking Darwin to Hitler is probably not interested in the actual historical events. Many historians would not like to be part of this effort to blacken Darwin’s name. CMI did not allow them to refuse.

The historical record is pretty clear on Darwin’s hatred of slavery or the subjugation of one “race” by another. If Hitler was influenced by Darwin you would think he would have mentioned it in his writings. Genocide is a very old idea practiced by mankind well before Darwin. Once again, the historical record is very clear on this fact.

The concept of selecting individuals with the traits that you want and allowing those individuals to breed predates Darwin by thousands of years. We call it agriculture and animal husbandry. Evolution by natural selection is, as the name suggests, a natural process quite different from what Hitler was trying to accomplish. The science that most closely resembles Hitler’s eugenics is the science that underlies breeding better crops and better animals. If creationist want to blame something other then Hitler for the Holocaust they ought to blame farming. I guess they’ll save that for the next movie.

CMI quotes scripture to rationalize their lie by omission. Where have we seen this before? Truthfully, you can justify murder by cherry picking the scriptures.


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