Discovery Institute Censorship

Censorship has never, and will never be a part of science. Somebody please explain that to the Discovery Institute. Not only do they not allow comments on any of their blogs, they are now taking the same openness of debate to Youtube. Youtube is an unlikely battleground for science education, but there are many dedicated individuals taking the time to produce educational videos. When those videos deal with evolution the comments section and video rating become a battleground, some individuals have even been threatened with violence, or in this case, legal action. Now Discovery Institute is stooping, if such a word is valid, to the same level. A Youtuber’s account has been threatened by a false copyright claim filed by Casey Luskin, of the Discovery Institute. In this admittedly embarrassing video Casey Luskin is seeing parroting all sorts of elementary and childish creationists claims. Claims, I might add, that have not been relevant for over a 100 years. All that DonExodus2 j did was call them out on the nonsense. Now DonExodus2 is fighting back, and we can help. Time to show the Discovery Institute that you can’t censor the Internet. Make sure to watch the video, and if you can spread it around. Leave a rating and add a comment for all those hard-working Youtubers that are taking the time to produce these videos.

This the offending video be sure to pass it around.


4 Responses to “Discovery Institute Censorship”

  1. rmbrowning Says:

    Good post but they grey on black is very annoying to read.

  2. saskskeptic Says:

    Changed the font and color. Fixed some typos. 🙂

  3. koinosuke Says:

    The computer does all the spelling for me, and it still gets it wrong. Sigh

  4. rmbrowning Says:

    Thanks, that’s much better. When will these guys learn that censorship is not a valid argument. Rather than answer critics like Extant Dodo, they just try to shut them up. Go DonExodus2!

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