Beer Cans Make You Bald?

One of my friends claims that their son will not drink beer out of an aluminum can.  He pours it into a glass because everyone knows that drinking from aluminum cans makes you go bald.  I have never heard of this.

I tried looking this up on the net but other than one or two alt med sites, could not fined any references to it.  I did find a site that claimed beer causes baldness.  Then again you are suppose to shampoo with it.

Is this a Saskatoon urban legend?


One Response to “Beer Cans Make You Bald?”

  1. koinosuke Says:

    I thought baldness was in your genes. If drinking out of aluminum cans causes baldness then why are so many more men affected then women? And why does pouring the beer out of the can into a glass make it safe?

    When it comes to alcohol I worry more about my liver.

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