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Don Prothero and Simon Conway Morris at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

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Don Prothero will be speaking at the Royal Tyreel Museum Sat, Mar 14 at 2:00.  Don Prothero, is a prolific author and is on the Skeptic Society editorial board.

He is promoting his recent book Evolution: What the Fossils Say.and Why It Matters. He was interviewed on Skepticality a last summer.
The other really interesting lecture that the Royal Tyreel has coming up is Simon Conway Morris, Friday Aug. 7.

Dr Morris is a religious evolutionist and is critical of Darwinism.

His main two books are:


Darwin Day 2009

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We would like to thank all the people who attended the Saskatoon Darwin Day.  Approximately 75 people attended the lecture by Dick Neal, the subsequent video Genius: Charles Darwin, and a lively discussion afterward.  About 20 people made it to the after party at the Fox and Hound.

Darwin Cake

Darwin Cake

If anyone has any feedback please contact the organizers (email, or leave a comment on this post.

We are especially interested in feedback regarding what worked, what did not, ideas for other events, ideas for next year and what forms of advertising worked best.

Bus Wars

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It’s a plague! It started in London, then spread to Washington D. C, now it is creeping across Canada.  What can be done about those who dare to express an opinion.  Believers everywhere are having their beliefs crushed by… Duh, Duh, Daaaaa.  “There’s Probably No God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”  What a crushing blow. How can people of faith withstand the onslaught!  What about the children.  Think about the children!

What is this plague?  Groups in these cities have been advertising on the city buses.  The D. C. slogan was “Why believe in a God? Just be good for goodness’ sake.”  They had the audacity to do this before Christmas sparking this mild mannered outburst from  Bill Donahue

In Canada, groups in Toronto, Calgary and Halifax have been planning similar campaigns.  Unfortunately, the Halifax transit authority has deemed the ads too controversial.  This is disappointing and they should reconsider the decision. The current slogan is one of the most innocuous suggested.  If the transit authority dislikes  it, The Liberal Debutant has a long list of alternatives.

To often dialog is shut down simply by someone claiming offense.  There is no right not to be offended but free speech is a fundamental right.  It should not be stifled simply by claims of discomfort by some.  Should religious advertising be banned because it makes atheists nauseous.

Saskatoon and Regina have their share of religious advertising.  Probably less so than the other cities.   Would Saskatchewan cities react more like Calgary or Halifax?   I hope that they would support free speech.

Do you want to support the campaign by making a donation.

Canadian Students Contact Space Station

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The globe and mail has a report on a group of four Humber College students who managed to contact the space station using a radio they designed and built themselves.

Beer Cans Make You Bald?

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One of my friends claims that their son will not drink beer out of an aluminum can.  He pours it into a glass because everyone knows that drinking from aluminum cans makes you go bald.  I have never heard of this.

I tried looking this up on the net but other than one or two alt med sites, could not fined any references to it.  I did find a site that claimed beer causes baldness.  Then again you are suppose to shampoo with it.

Is this a Saskatoon urban legend?

PZ Myers in Edmonton

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PZ Myers comment on his debate in Edmonton.